I'm Andrew Daley, 'Gardenboy' a qualified Horticulturist H.C. R.S.H who's been in business for 28 years. Recently I have moved to the beautiful Northern Rivers after a long career maintaining and improving some of the most delightful gardens of Sydney's North Shore. I studied my trade there and graduated at the Ryde School of Horticulture.


I work as an individual gardener with a traditional approach.

Larger companies can give quick and efficient maintenance to any garden but efficiency also means care for the smaller details like weeding garden beds, watering pots and containers and applying fertilizers to plants and trees to enhance the natural vigor of your garden. This is something often overlooked by other operators, I spend the time and have the interest to attend to these little but no less important aspects of your garden world.

My specialty is the reworking of established gardens renewing and restoring, while contributing my advice and ideas to the overall style.

Gardenboy is not a quick "snip and slash, clean-up" type of service. My business is designed to apply a full range of horticultural skills more useful to the discerning customer looking for something above the ordinary.

I believe that consistency of care is all-important to achieving results, so fewer appointments over a longer period brings better garden care than many work days bunched up over the short-term with no follow-up afterwards.

The value of consistency rewards the patient customer and gardener alike.

The business has a low carbon footprint with the use of only battery powered electric tools and traditional handheld equipment.

I can also organize other needed trades to your property if you are away or unable to attend. In periods of extreme weather I can inform you of any damage to house and garden and discuss any needed repairs before your return date if required.